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creative commons musicIn this article, I would like to discuss the possibilities that the use of creative commons music opens for your next mobile app, video game or software. The right sound cue at the right moment is as important as the UX design for your app or the graphics for your game. You can add extra depth and flavor to the user experience, of a user of your app, by using music the right way. Applications, especially games need quality music to provide the proper cues to the user. Either be a peaceful background loop for the game which helps the user relax or the revving sound of turbocharged engines, music makes or breaks the experience.

Getting excellent creative commons music is always a challenge

For the independent developer working on a prototype or hacking out the app code on a budget, the option to compose your music is too expensive. There are stock libraries available for getting music for your app, but neither are they free to use or cheap when your app eventually succeeds and has hundreds of thousands of users. Paying royalty for music is the last thing you want when you have a very successful app in your hands. Using copyright free music is a beautiful way to avoid this sticky situation.

Firstly, music from a creative commons library can be used for free during your prototyping phase. All that it asks for is a mention of the source in your credits section. The music also comes with some terms and conditions which prohibit appropriation of the music as your own. The idea behind this license is that, if you credit the source, you are reasonably free to use the music without restrictions. Check our license terms for free stock music before using any of the free files if this article wasn’t informative enough. This is way better than having to pay dollars to use some music on an app which is still an idea being prototyped.

Secondly, if you are getting the creative commons music from our library, you also have the freedom to license the music track for a fee under our royalty-free licensing model. If you opt for our pro music licensing model, you are free to use the music in your app and you don’t have to pay us a cent more than what you paid up for the license. This makes sure that you get the profits from your app and don’t have to pay us a royalty for the music, no matter the number of users.

Our library of stock music has a good collection of music, music loops, instrumental tracks, and jingles. Packaged together they cost even less to license and are royalty free. You can also use them for free with proper attribution to our site as the source of the music. We encourage you to go ahead and try out our music library. You might find something you like and use it. We would love to have our music in a successful app reaching a lot of people.

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