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Royalty-free stockGet videos, music, and pictures Royalty-free stock in one place

Pond5 is an online platform focused on selling royalty-free stock. Pond5 has plenty to offer to its clients regarding quality, ease of use and membership plans designed to fit any user.

Whether it’s paying on the go, depositing money in advance, or gaining access to free downloads from a particular premium library, Pond5 strives to meet every client’s needs.

Free Account

A free account is available for all users seeking to browse and buy from Pond5’s immense royalty-free stock collection.

The collections include videos, music, graphic templates and photo stock content, adding up to more than 7 million in total. Payment is designed to be flexible so that users can not only pay on the go but also pre-fund their accounts.

The latter method not only makes payment easier but also benefits the users by granting 10% bonus credits and reduced prices, as low as $25 per clip.

This makes depositing funds in advance a decent way to also save some money in the process. Also, personal collections can be built from purchased royalty-free stock, serving clients as creative inspiration for their work or better business collaboration with their associates.

Pond 5 Membership

The Pond 5 membership gives its users exclusive access to a much larger amount of royalty-free stock than is available to free account users. To be precise, that’s 200,000 videos, 15,000 music, and FX tracks, as well as 200,000 images which are exclusive to premium members.

This membership is a notably solid edition to the primary collection free account members are given access to. Ten videos are free to download from this unique library each month, and if any free downloads remain at the end of the month, they will be transferred to the next.

stock media files

The membership collection is continually updated over time, so there is always new royalty-free stock to choose from, only available for Pond5 Membership users.

Also, Pond5 Membership users get the best price deals for HD and 4K videos, starting as low as $4.20 per clip. That’s an adequately large advantage over any free account users browsing the market.

Pond5 Payment options for this plan allow users to pay yearly or monthly, the annual payments being an excellent deal because they allow saving as much as 57$ a month. Thus, users have a choice of paying $499 per year ($42 per month) or $99 monthly – whichever they find more convenient for their purposes.

As far as variety and numbers go, Pond5 is unmatched on the royalty-free stock market, sporting an enormous collection of digital media exceptional in not only numbers but also quality and variety.

Although Free Account users have access to less stock content then Pond5 Membership users, they still have vast amounts of photos, video and sound recordings to choose from and a flexible payment system.

The Pond5 Membership plan presents users with a wider perspective on the Pond5 royalty-free stock market, in the form of an exclusive collection available to Pond5 Membership owners only.

They are also given an additional edge over other Free Account users, being able to purchase stock media at considerably lower prices.

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