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Royalty Free MusicAre you looking for royalty free music?

Stock music and sound effects look no further at You have it all. Royalty free music licensing for all your multimedia projects, films, and Tv productions, YouTube videos, and video games.

Productiontrax offers you an excellent opportunity to buy and sell production music, sound effects and free royalty music from producers all over the world.

If you are looking for music for a project and you are keen not to infringe copyrights, is the place for you. With the best selection of libraries to choose from. Licensing of the music is done by a single click, eliminating all the bureaucracy involved to ensure you’re covered. The support staff is available 24/7 always at your service, delighted to extend to you all the help you may require. You will love working with and I guarantee you will come back for more.

A buyer or a seller – Productiontrax is open for all. As a vendor you can make sales and that don’t need review submissions. Also, you set your prices and get an email notification whenever you make a sale, but to use this feature you have to enable it on your profile. There are more impressive features such as premium listings where you can pay for top search ads for your tracks. Since there are millions of tracks on this site, it’s tough for your tracks to be noticed, top search makes it a little bit easier and faster to make a sale.

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Sell royalty free music

For stock musicians upcoming artists, productiontrax is the best site for you. Offering you a 50/50 revenue splits, a large customer base, a team ready to support you, fair reviews, broadcast royalties and a lot more flexibility. The uploading and tagging process is fast, within seconds actually. No stress! The huge client base ensures your tracks get a good number of views and more importantly sales.

Buy royalty free music

Music libraryFor the buyers, the advantage is all to you. First, the rates are affordable, and you pay only once. Yes, you heard me right, once when purchasing a song, then you are free to use it any way you deem fit. It doesn’t matter how you use it, the duration or the number of people who get to hear it. For instance, if you are launching an app for sale on Google Play Store or Microsoft you don’t have to pay more money for every individual downloading the app. No extras required when you app/ project becomes an instant success. The cost is the same that you incurred initially.

There are numerous complexities surrounding music and art licensing, copyright issues and so on. Many people are not sure on the regulations regarding this, not even those in the media and entertainment industry. That’s why is there to give you a clear path on what the license covers; inclusive of how to use the music, when and not to use it. Website designers, developers, online video producers for YouTube and video editors there is no better place to start than at

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