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Instrumental Songs Wrecked ExpressWhile many music-related press sources say that the instrumental rock music is suffering a decline in the last decade, there are always some new releases that prove this claim wrong.

As the part of this active rock music wave, I’m offering you the newest material called “Wrecked Express.”

The album contains 11 thematically related, instrumental songs, but still with a different vibe compared to each other. The atmosphere slowly changes as the album develops, going from some old-school rock tunes to some more aggressive moments with metal music elements.

The Style

After the success of previous releases, it was a time to make some fresh new material for the music market. This album has a solid rock structure, with songs that develop without too many repetitions from the beginning to the end, avoiding the regular verse-chorus-verse-chorus form that can be found in average songs.

The groove of this album should bring us back a few decades back, but still maintaining the modern music element. As soon as you play it, you’ll feel the difference between the new one and some successful albums from the past, such as “Secret Room Sessions” and “Strat Me Up.”

The Sound

While the drums play the regular rock beats, bass lines here are made to be in the same groove as the rhythm, but still to fill the space between guitars and drums. It allows bass guitar to develop some more sophisticated melodies in the instrumental songs where it was needed.

The main trick about this album is the sound of the guitar. On this one, the guitar is purposely made to sound like in the time before “modern” style of 90’s.

After editing and finalizing the production, the sound here is more like a guitar on slight distortion or even just overdrive, rather than the new school, modern heavy metal sound full of high-class pedals.

The modern guitar sound wouldn’t bring much to the instrumental music I planned to create. The producing process was maybe long, but it allowed this guitar sound to fit in well with bass and drums. The intention was to keep it simple and only play what’s needed in the songs, avoiding the undesired notes and the surplus in general.

The Atmosphere

Among the eleven instrumental songs that you can hear on “Wrecked Express,” you have some traditional rock pieces to warm you up, and some softer tunes to let you catch your breath to keep on rocking.

I intended to create a conceptual album where each song still has its unique atmosphere. The goal was to create some positive grooves, but still to keep the things simple, making music that is accessible to various listeners’ ears.

The Aim

When I wanted to keep things simple, I was also aware of the trap of songs being quickly forgotten. Therefore, I had to work on making simple tunes with some unique moments that would stay in the ear of the listener for a long time.

“Wrecked Express” should have that magic to make you want to listen to it again and again, and it is the reflection of the stage of my career in which I currently am. This is how I feel right now.

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