Vegas Movie Studio best video editing software

One of the best video editing software

best video editing softwareVegas Movie Studio is one of best video editing software available in the market, and while it does not compare with top brands like Pinnacle, it offers a lot to work with.
Originally a product of Sony, Vegas Movie Studio was acquired by Magix and has since been upgraded with new enhancements and features to make it one of the best video editing software options. It now features a new enhanced user interface and enormous customization opportunities. For users who want an easy movie studio for digital editing clips, song videos and capturing scenes, Vegas Studio is a valid consideration. Here is a look at what the Vegas Movie Studio offers, its benefits and downsides.

The Vegas Movie Studio

Magix has done little when it comes to repackaging the software regarding price. The software still comes in three main offers including a Basic edition that goes for $49.99, a Platinum edition for
$79.99 and the ultimate Movie Studio Suite that is sold for $139.99. If you intend to enjoy all the features and edit videos like a pro, then it is recommendable to go for either Platinum or Studio Suite. This software can run on windows 7 and above and requires a 4GB RAM for smooth functionality.

Vegas Studio user interface

The main reason why Vegas can even be considered as one of the best video editing software has to do with its highly efficient interface. Though simple, it is only intuitive and offers easy navigation through the features. It is a typical three-panel interface with your source at the top right, preview at the top left and timeline across the bottom section. You can customize this panel in different ways as it offers an enormous level of flexibility. Vegas Studio interface also provides access to “learn more” tutorials. To edit your videos, drag objects from your source and drop them on the timeline to add effects and tweaks. The platform also features high DPI, and Magix restored the Moniker that Sony had removed from customer-level applications.

Supported content and files

Vegas Movie Studio supports various file options as you can capture DV, XDCAM, MPEG-1, 2 and 4, HDV, BPM, and WMV. The platform also supports 4K content, but you cannot use 360-degree VR, H.264 or MKV, which is a disappointment. Nevertheless, it supports enough formats to enable you to complete most video editing projects.

Video editing tools

The editing tools are quite impressive as Vegas Studio provides a comprehensive set of transition effects and multimedia generation. It also includes a text tool, professional level color matching, 3D video generation and editing and multi-cam editing among others.
All these tools make video editing a smooth experience with just enough tweaks to give you a top quality pro outcome.

Vegas Movie Studio

Pros of the software

  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Modern look
  • Customizable interface
  • Supports 4K content, 3D generation, color matching, multi-cam and several file formats
  • Easy search for effects and media


  • Rendering is still very slow
  • The trimmer window is quite cluttered.


Although there is still room for significant improvement, Vegas is definitely among the best video editing software packages in the market. It is ideal for song video editing, short movie clips, and quick-effect personal creations. You can also use up to 200 objects on a single timeline, so there is no limit to creativity. To make the most of this studio, it is recommendable to use Platinum or better yet, go for the ultimate Movie Studio Suite which contains all the features developed in the package.

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