Distrokid Music Distributor Review

Looking for a way to reach a wider audience??

Distrokid music distributorAre you looking for the best way to reach your audience?
Are you considering distributing your music online as an option?
If so, you are certainly trying to find the most affordable service to distribute your music on online stores.

Distrokid is the solution to all your problems

Distrokid is a service for musicians that lets you put your music into online stores and streaming services such as Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and other such 150 plus stores.

More than 100,000+ artists use Destrokid for distributing their music online. The best part about Distrokid music distributor service is that it lets the artist keep 100% of their royalty.

The users keep all their earnings and get paid monthly. Distrokid does not keep any amount from the musician’s earning.

One great feature about Distrokid music distributor is that the artists can also distribute cover song legally and the artists get paid when their music is used on youtube if you select the tracking service available in option.

Distrokid music distributor service is a no brainer for the musicians who are willing to create various cover versions of great songs and make them reach a wider audience.

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Distrokid is very convenient for users as it is 10 to 20% faster than any other distribution service out there.

The service can be used by solo musicians, DJs, and all the musicians that record either from the studio or home.

Distrokid music distributor also has various services for labels too.

Distrokid also lets you set splits so that you can send any amount of money earned on any track to anyone, so that makes Distrokid hassle free.

All that a musician has to do to start uploading music is to register. You can instantly pay the fee and start uploading music right away.

Distrokid Cost

Out of all the features, the one thing that makes Distrokid better than the rest is that it is not as expensive as other music distributors out there. As it charges only one fee Which is just $19.99 per year and lets you upload unlimited tracks and albums, unlike others that charge you every time you upload an album. Distrokid is user-friendly and has an excellent customer service and an easy to use interface.

Distrokid is what you need When it comes to making your music reach a larger audience, as it is faster and cheaper than others.

It lets the musician keep all the earnings and does not charge any amount other than the yearly fees of $19.99.

There isn’t any other music distribution service that provides so many services to musicians by charging so less.

Distrokid music distributor is very helpful for players that want to earn money by selling their music but are not able to invest a lot of money. Now they will be able to upload unlimited music distrokid infoby paying a small yearly fee.

Distrokid is costless to publish everything artists produce without worrying about cost. Once the annual fee membership is paid, the group can post any amount of songs or albums for the same price.

It’s cool to be able to experiment with music by getting feedback from an actual audience.

Distrokid is the gate way to success to sell music online.

Distrokid is recommended for every artist who wants to sell music online.

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